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Shower Panels in Wakefield

We now supply a wide range of shower panels

The Benefits Of Shower Panels Instead Of Tiles

Cost – The cost of both bathroom cladding and tiles will differ depending on the type and brand of wall panelling or tiles you choose. The decor, colour and size of tile will impact cost. If you choose a comparable finish of tile and compare the cost in terms of square metres, shower wall panels will more than hold it’s own, even before you start to take into account the costs of tile adhesive and grout.

Fitting Speed – Undertaking tiling to a good level requires a skilled tradesman with many years of experience and like any skilled tradesman they come at a cost. That’s not to say Shower Panels  doesn’t require a degree of skill to install but it is an easier proposition to tiling and you may be able to employ a more general property maintenance to install. Given the size of the sheets it’s also much quicker to install since you cover more space, this means you’re also employing a fitter for less time reducing costs further. With bathroom wall panels you can often have a shower installed the same day as you are not having to wait for the tile adhesive and grout to dry.

Less Mess – Fitting bathroom cladding is a relatively dry process. Tiling a wall after the surface has been prepared still requires 2 wet stages. Applying tile adhesive to bed the tiles on to and then grouting once dry. This can be a messy process. At it’s most basic shower panels simply require panel adhesive, comes in a silicone gun tube, to bond the panel to the wall.

Easier To Change – Removing and replacing tiles can be a big job. Even a decent tiler will take half of the plastered wall away with them when removing the old tiles. This process takes time. Wall cladding can be installed over existing tiles, as long as the tiles are not bumpy or falling off the wall. If you fancy a change of paneling it will be relatively easy to ease from the wall. Let’s be right it won’t all be plain sailing but by comparison to tiles far easier. You can also use the old panel as a template for the new one, useful if you’ve fitted around windows or other features.

It Won’t Discolour – Tiling looks great when it’s first installed but over a period of time they can look grotty. This is particularly true of the grouting which with a white grout will turn orange/pink in a shower space. Yes you can clean this and furthermore replace it or white over with a pen. It’s still time and expense though, Shower panels requires a simple wipe and the finish will not discolor.

Exclusively for Swish Approved Installers and Commercial Contractors

With the introduction of the Swish sustainable rainwater system it is now possible for a Swish Approved Installer or Commercial Contractor to provide a complete roofline and rainwater installation under the Swish brand.

To make this combination as attractive as possible Swish has extended its new standard guarantee on White roofline & cladding products, and its standard guarantee on White rainwater products, to 30 Years when these systems are used together on any installation.*

The installation must be registered by a Swish Approved Installer or Commercial Contractor on this website.  If you wish to set up your company details in order to be able to offer the new 30 Year Extended Guarantee please click on the Go to Registration link below. Once your details are approved you can simply access your account from the Swish home page.

About the Swish Approved Installer Scheme. 

Swish Approved Installers are required to perform high quality installations, allowing themselves the time to do so without pressure to cut corners either in workmanship or customer service.

Approved Installers are:

Vetted for installation quality and financial stability Required to renew their scheme membership annually Expected to provide excellent workmanship and customer service Approved Installers may: Use the Swish name and logo Advertise that they are approved by Swish