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What reasons are there for me to use uPVC fascia boards over traditional wooden fasica boards?

Did you know that uPVC fascia boards, soffits, gutters and cladding now account for over 80 percent of all roofline replacement and newbuilds in the U.K. today?

The reason for this is uPVC fascia boards are durable, cost effective, friendly to the environment, robust, safe and secure.

The thermal efficiency of timber fascia against its uPVC equivalent is no longer up to standard. Add in to the mix that uPVC fascia boards won't rot, warp, bend or discolour and will never need painting you can see why timber fascia boards are no longer an option.

What are Fascia Boards and Soffits?

Fascia boards are the horizontal boards that sit below the roofline and what the guttering attaches itself to.

Soffits bridge the gap between the fascia and the brickwork of the property. You'll find that most fascia boards have a lip in which the soffit sits. When combined they protect and preserve the timber roof structure and brickwork from the elements. When used with a ventilation system they also stop condensation within the roof space.

What's the difference between fascia boards and bargeboards?

They are in fact pretty much the same product, however they are used for different roofing applications.

A fascia board is usually sat behind uPVC gutters, a bargeboard is commonly sat on the apex next to the verge, however, this can also be achieved by using full replacement fascia boards.

Do fascia boards discolour and do they ever need painting.

Swish fascia boards have never been known to discolour as far as we know and we've been fitting their products for over 20 years. On top of this, they never need painting, rot or warp. In that they are light years ahead of traditional wooden fascia boards which do rot, warp and need maintenance every few years.

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Exclusively for Swish Approved Installers and Commercial Contractors

With the introduction of the Swish sustainable rainwater system it is now possible for a Swish Approved Installer or Commercial Contractor to provide a complete roofline and rainwater installation under the Swish brand.

To make this combination as attractive as possible Swish has extended its new standard guarantee on White roofline & cladding products, and its standard guarantee on White rainwater products, to 30 Years when these systems are used together on any installation.*

The installation must be registered by a Swish Approved Installer or Commercial Contractor on this website.  If you wish to set up your company details in order to be able to offer the new 30 Year Extended Guarantee please click on the Go to Registration link below. Once your details are approved you can simply access your account from the Swish home page.

About the Swish Approved Installer Scheme. 

Swish Approved Installers are required to perform high quality installations, allowing themselves the time to do so without pressure to cut corners either in workmanship or customer service.

Approved Installers are:

Vetted for installation quality and financial stability Required to renew their scheme membership annually Expected to provide excellent workmanship and customer service Approved Installers may: Use the Swish name and logo Advertise that they are approved by Swish